Between 1944 and 1945, the Canadian Army was given the important yet deadly task of liberating the Netherlands. Told through the eyes of Canadian Lieutenant Wilf Gildersleeve of the Seaforth Highlanders and of Marguerite Blaisse, a Dutch civilian, this Heritage Minute commemorates the sacrifice of Canadians who fought and celebrates the bond formed between Canada and the Netherlands.
Neighbourhoods like Toronto’s Kensington Market have helped shape our country by providing newcomers a first stop in Canada. In the first animated Heritage Minute new arrivals transform a single store as it passes from generation to generation and culture to culture.
The Grads challenge the self-proclaimed ‘world champions’ the Cleveland Favorite Knits to a two game tournament in 1923. They would go on to become the most successful team in Canadian sports history.
Elsie MacGill was the world’s first female aeronautical engineer and Canada’s first practicing woman engineer. She oversaw Canada’s production of Hawker Hurricane aircrafts at the Canadian Car & Foundry factory during the Second World War. Hawker Hurricanes were one of the main fighters flown by Canadian and Allied airmen in the Battle of Britain. This Heritage Minute follows Elsie MacGill in her role as chief engineer overseeing the production of these instrumental aircrafts.
The story of Chanie “Charlie” Wenjack, whose death sparked the first inquest into the treatment of Indigenous children in Canadian residential schools. The 84th Heritage Minute in Historica Canada’s collection.

For more entries in the Heritage Minutes series click here.

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